HSAF Main Ship List

HSS Mare Liberum (C-00)

Kraken multi-role light carrier under construction by Drake Interplanetary.

The HSS Mare Liberum, when complete, will serve as a mobile base for commercial, industrial and combat operations for the Fleet and will be tasked to provide logistical support and fire support to friendly units in action.

Homeport: Ruin Station, Pyro

HSS Invictus (F-01)

Idris-K frigate in final-stage trials by Aegis Dynamics.

The HSS Invictus, when commissioned, will serve in the Fleet primarily as an anti-fighter warship and will be tasked to carry out escort and patrol missions, particularly in unclaimed and sparsely populated systems.

A squadron of Anvil F8C Lightning fighters, Aegis Sabre stealth fighters and Eclipse stealth bombers will complement the HSS Invictus.

Homeport: Everus Harbour, Stanton

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